Training is very vital part in our company because with training Wawa always motivate all the drivers and office staff. Orientation of new employees include a presentation of general company information along with any specific information related to sexual harassment, workplace violence, benefits, rules, security, safety, code of conduct, TDG and other important facts.

Wawa Transport drivers as well as office staffs get training at least every quarterly. Trainings subjects are below mentioned:-
• Safety Training
• Winter Training
• Pre Trip Inspection
• Load Securement
• Defensive Driving
• HOS Training  & TDG Training



C-TPAT & PIP training

Business Partner Requirements

Supplier Security Assessment, Supplier Selection/Evaluation Criteria

Trailer Security

Seals, Trailer inspections

Physical Access Control

Employees, Visitors, Deliveries

Personnel Security

Background Investigations, Drug Testing, Codes of Conduct

Procedural Security

Cargo Inspection, Shipping Documents, Receiving Reports, Document Retention


Fences, Alarms, Cameras, Locks, Lighting, Security Guards

Security Training and Awareness

Report Suspicious Activities, Policy Manuals, Evacuation Drills Information


Passwords, Firewalls, Virus Protection, Internet Monitoring

Transport Dangerous Good

Adequate Training, Issuance & Contents of a Training Certificate, Foreign Carriers, Expiry of a training certificate,

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